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I called Tonya Palmer about a house she had listed locally. While that particular house did not fit our requirements, Tonya proceeded to profile our needs for a new home, and began an exhaustive search on our behalf. We were very impressed with her persistence and integrity during the search, which took about two years. She never gave up (like other realtors we’ve worked with in the past) and never over-emphasized property listed by Carriage House, but instead searched all available listings regardless of the realtor. After finally finding our dream house (we were picky!) we challenged Tonya to sell our home in a short period of time just as interest rates began to climb. Within ONE WEEK, she had secured a good contract with an acceptable offer, and we closed both properties in less than 2 weeks! She monitored progress for both properties, ensuring the Mortgage Company and Closing Lawyers had everything necessary for an on time closing.. This was our fifth property purchase, and was by far the, most trouble-free. We would highly recommend Tonya to potential homebuyers, especially if their needs are unique.

Ron Yearwood
FISI Madison Fiancial