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To whom it may concern,
I would like to comment about the professionalism I had experienced with Tonya Palmer.
Tonya demonstrated time and time again her abilities to accommodate and listen to her customers needs. She exhibited the patience to let her clients form their own opinions of a property. This is very exceptional for a sales person. Most sales people want to sell a property so badly that they forget the wants and needs of the people they are representing. This patient ability will help Tonya’s clients to find the property they truly want. I guarantee Tonya will not quit until she finds the home that fits your needs.
Tonya also sold our home and again she performed admirably. She was very aware of our privacy and always communicated the results of showings or an open house. She always brought pre-qualified buyers for a showing.

I will use her services again, and I recommend Tonya to anyone that is selling or buying a home. She’s the best!
Paul L. Dehlinger
General Operations
Jefferds Corporation